🍝 Pasta Salad with XO

🍝 Pasta Salad with XO

Prep time: 30-45 mins
Serving size: 2


  • Mixed greens of your choice (the pre-boxed ones at your local grocery store works great!)
  • Farfalle pasta (or whatever you have in the pantry - don’t forget to salt!)
  • Eggs (3-4)
  • Bacon

For the dressing:

  • Dad’s XO Sauce
  • Spicy cilantro sauce (We like to use Roberto’s Japanese Peruvian Hot Sauce)
  • Kewpie mayo
  • Peanut sauce (We like to use a House of Tsang’s Thai-style peanut sauce which has flavors of ginger, garlic and lemongrass)
  • Salt + pepper + mushroom powder (or preferred seasonings)


  1. Boil eggs (hard boiled or preferred choice)
    1. Boiling eggs can be tricky and everyone has their foolproof method. Although some may strongly suggest that there is a correct way to doing this… as someone who has tried all the ways and failed many times, this is what I’ve found works for me:
      1. Submerge eggs in cold water and heat on med-high covered for 10 mins, turn off, let sit for another 2 mins and then let eggs sick in an ice bath until shells are not longer warm.
      2. Then gently crack 6 sides of the egg(s) and the shell should come off pretty clean.
      3. I’m sorry if this doesn’t work for you! but Keep trying and you’ll find your way
  2. Cut bacon into smaller pieces (about the width of a quarter or two) and fry in pan (do not need to add oil)
  3. Cook pasta (pasta and mixed greens ratio is based on your preference)
  4. Peel and slice boiled eggs
  5. Toss greens + pasta together with your desired level of Roberto’s + Kewpie mayo + peanut sauce + salt/pepper
  6. Finally toss with desired amount of Dad’s XO
  7. Top off with bacon and ENJOY :)

Note(s): Any ingredient(s) can be removed or replaced! This recipe is something that we make often using the staples we have in our kitchen.

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